S-Orbit has very consistent plans and strategies when it comes to offer a solution to the student's career choice problems. The institute offers various coaching solution under different stream of medical and engineering entrance exams.

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The Admissions service is at the heart of ensuring we admit students who have the potential to succeed in academic study with us. We seek to admit the widest range of students who may benefit from our courses.

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Welcome to S-ORBIT

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Education always has been a mind opener in any way. It has always created the best of talent to perform better in any situations. With the view of better support and best facilities to create some of the finest youths of the country is our prime motto. S-ORBIT is founded, is the one of the most reputed institute of North India for Pre Medical and Engineering guidance.


S-Orbit is a rapidly growing institution in India. S-Orbit has very consistent plans and strategies when it comes to offer a solutions to the student's career choice problems.

Multy Courses available

With comprehensive course material and innovative methodologies, S-Orbit strives hard to cover every topic in systematically.

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The institute offers various coaching solutions under different stream of medical and engineering entrance exams.

Chairman's Message

Dear Student

When we take a glimpse of the yesteryears, we find that it was very comfortable for the students then to choose their career options. However, nowadays the scenario is far from that. Mere desire does not work in today's cut-throat competitive environment. One has to be aware of the latest examination patterns, and has to put efforts in the appropriate direction to pave his/her way to success. Therefore, S-Orbit classes has taken the responsibility of bringing the best educators under one roof and creating a knowledge pool par excellence. S-Orbit classes has a significant education system with a humble birth and an institution where no student is ever neglected, where every action and thought is student oriented. At S-Orbit classes students are considered sparks of divinity, and teaching is considered as dedicated service towards divinity. An extraordinary combination of spiritual values and modern technology is what S-Orbit classes is. We ensure that our endeavour at S-Orbit classes is to prepare students for life by developing in them, an analytical mind, the right attitude and a spirit of goodness backed by academic excellence. Here, we end by saying that we would try our best to give you the best so that you come out being the best.

"We do Our Efforts ....to bring Your Success"

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